What’s next for Carbon? Successful token sale, HUGE token burn incoming and more!

Hi everyone! You’re probably aware that the Carbon token sale has just completed. Over all, a very successful sale run on the DistX platform. We smashed through soft cap and finished on around 1,523 ETH raised which is enough for a healthy project to go ahead. We would like to thank everyone for participating and look forward to convincing you it was a great decision to come along for the ride.

So far everything has gone very well, exactly as we hoped. The only exception, as some of you are aware, was the overly generous “lottery” for a 25% portion of the unsold tokens. This is shared among 50 winners, but works out to quite a significant share of free CRBN for each winner. In hindsight this share was larger than it should have been, and that’s on us. We take full responsibility for the numbers and admit they were too high. We are fully confident in the medium to long term health and value of the CRBN token, regardless of any initial profit taking that may occur. I have personally spoken with 6 lottery winners and all plan to hold long term, not “dump” so we are happy with the situation despite that little bump in the road. We will always be honest and transparent in these situations.

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So what’s next?

UniSwap listing! Wednesday 25th November at 8am UTC. There’s a countdown timer on crbn.io if you are unsure. The UniSwap starting price will be 0.00016 ETH. This is fixed, locked into the DistX system already. It’s around 20% higher than the token sale price. After listing, the price may go up, or down. The market will decide. We are very confident in the future of CRBN. Please make sure you only use official UniSwap listing links provided by our team (via our website or socials).

HUGE token burn coming!! We will be burning 8,805,557 CRBN tokens in the coming days. This is the “burn” allocation of the unsold tokens. This is a significant % of total supply and even bigger share of circulating supply GONE forever.

Marketing: We’ve organised a paid banner ad on CoinGecko to advertise the UniSwap listing. The banner goes to crbn.io website which will have UniSwap links readily available. We also plan to advertise on Dextools as well as on very large Telegram groups. All these things gained us a lot of new members during the token sale so we know they work quite well (certainly good value). Please keep in mind our ETH funding is not yet released to us, so all of this marketing is from our own pockets for now. We will be continuing the marketing efforts over the coming months with a heavy focus on the actual product launch, at the end of January. We will aways focus on the product and gaining/retaining users above all else. With product success comes token demand and value in a more sustainable way.

Partnerships: I’ll personally be pursuing partnerships that are relevant to the Carbon platform. I have great experience and results in the past and I expect nothing less with Carbon. I won’t form partnerships just “because partnership” — I will ensure there is a long term mutual benefit and minimal costs involved.

Exchange listings: For ERC20 tokens, UniSwap is king right now. Let’s be honest. Of course, the top tier centralised exchanges would also be nice. Most will seriously damage our funding which would cripple our future marketing potential, but we will apply for listing and see if we can work something out if they are willing to list us. We will make sure there’s at least one centralised option for those times where gas fees make UniSwap unusable. Stay tuned for progress on exchange listings. As with partnerships, we won’t list on exchanges just so we. can say there’s a new listing. It needs to have a purpose and provide good long term value.

Rewards program and bonus tokens: Please see our whitepaper for a full overview of our rewards program. It begins in late December (dates coming soon) and since there’s no working product yet, it will be based on the top 300 token holders. Rewards tiers will be provided very soon. There was also an unsold token allocation which is going to token sale participants. This will be paid out at the same time as our other rewards. Monthly, for 12 months. If you bought CRBN at the token sale, you’ll get some bonus tokens every month according to your proportional share (how much % of sold tokens you personally bought).

CoinGecko, CMC, Etherscan etc: We’ve applied for token verification on Etherscan, which can take a few days. This will let people know which CRBN token is genuine. We can apply for CoinGecko and CMC once there is some volume in UniSwap which will happen on day 1. Everything takes time but we’re onto it!

In summary, some of you who have been with us for many years on various projects understand that we value development above all else. We design and build real working products and we aren’t a short term project based purely on hype and promises. We intend to do the same for Carbon. We will reward our community as much as we can along the way, and our focus is 100% on launching the platform. We’e very excited about this!

Thanks again for your ongoing support.

Daniel & Rob

Carbon blockchain crbn.io

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