The Carbon Presale is LIVE, with a brand new Bonus!

Hey everyone!

You may or may not be aware that the Carbon token sale has gone live! We’re off to a solid start, over 65% of the way to softcap already.

To participate, please visit with a connected MetaMask wallet, and your ETH ready to go. The minimum contribution is 0.5 ETH and maximum 25 ETH. You can only send one tx per address.

You’ve probably also noticed that ETH has been pumping a little lately, and we are unable to adjust our CRBN/ETH rates during the live token sale. We want to look after and reward our supporters and token sale participants. Currently our setting for “unsold tokens” is to do 25% DistX lottery (they are shared among 50 random DISTX token holders) and 75% “return to team”.

After returning the tokens to the team, we will then airdrop them to all token sale participants, proportionally. No matter how many tokens are unsold, 75% will now be shared among all who contributed.

We’ll likely put to vote the timing/distribution of the tokens, depending on how much of the tokens sold out, to ensure there isn’t a flood of surplus free tokens which could potentially affect the UniSwap listing price.

This will likely more than compensate from the inability to adjust the CRBN ratio according to ETH price. ETH has increased around 20% in the past 7 days. The bonus airdrop would happen manually, shortly after the token sale ends. It is not part of the DistX system.

We have managed to secure a full review video from a popular YouTube crypto influencer, which should go live on Friday. This will likely result in a lot of fresh exposure on Carbon. We are aware that most of our followers have already bought into the token sale, so now our focus shifts to new attention. Videos, banner ads, posts in large groups, AMAs and more. We are very confident in smashing the softcap and heading towards hardcap.

Don’t miss out — once exposure kicks in, the token sale could sell out quickly. Secure your CRBN now!

Don’t forget, the Carbon rewards system starts next month! A HUGE 1.5M CRBN will be shared with the top 300 users (in this case the top 300 holders, due to the app not yet being launched). Are you a top 300 holder?

Carbon will be a massively rewarding project, get in early!

See you in Telegram.

Daniel & Rob