The Carbon Encrypted Messenger is Here!

Hey Carbonians :)

We’ve been busy as usual. A new update is here! This is a fairly major update as it includes the very important end-to-end encrypted messenger.

The Carbon Messenger allows all users to create private chats with one other user OR with groups of up to 30 users. Fully encrypted. We don’t have the keys to gain access to your unencrypted messages, so this is far more private and secure than almost any other messaging app available today. Carbon is the place to hold private, confidential conversations.

To use the messenger or be available for others to send you a message, you must go to Messenger (in the menu) and follow the prompts to create your PIN and generate your key. Once you have done this, others can then find you to send you a message. So, go and do that now.

We have two methods of signing up to Carbon, MetaMask and email/password. If a MetaMask user wants to chat to another MetaMask user, their encryption level is the absolute maximum because the encryption is done using MetaMask. If an email user is in the chat, the encryption level is “standard” which is still very high, higher than most other encrypted messaging apps. Email users will be prompted to select a PIN which adds another layer to the security and is used to encrypt and decrypt the messages. 4 to 6 digit PIN, the longer the better and make sure you don’t forget it, otherwise you won’t be able to access your old messages (since the PIN is required in the encryption process).

No unencrypted messages or PINs or keys are stored on our servers. This means we are unable to hand over your unencrypted messages or access them ourselves.

Carbon Messenger is another feature on the Carbon platform, but it’s a big deal. It quite simply is the best place to have a private conversation, and you should now consider not using Twitter or Facebook or WhatsApp or any other messaging app that claims they won’t spy on you.

Combined with our unique content feed and user controls, and our integrated portfolio tracker, Carbon is becoming a very unique and complete platform already. We do have more features coming too. We hoped to be able to release the Faves feature today (very cool!) but that will be coming next week as it requires further testing. Faves will allow all users to list their top 20 in various categories such as cryptos, movies, tv shows, musicians, cars, cities, people and more. You can access anyone’s Fave lists from their profile, and there’s also a Global Top 20 list to show what is trending. Faves serves to expand every user’s profile and add some fun and discussion to the experience. It also opens up some nice opportunities for monetisation of Carbon which will help CRBN holders.

In today’s release we have also added an Image Gallery to every profile. You an access all of the images users have uploaded into their posts, right from their profile, and view them in a nice gallery. You can delete your own images (although if they are in a live post, you’ll need to delete the post). The image gallery is just another way to get a feel for each user and let you know if you want to follow them or not.

We hope you enjoy the Messenger feature. Have a go at creating a chat with someone, or with a group. Go into the Messenger (off the menu) and click the Plus symbol to create a chat. Type in usernames to add users and away you go. In future we will also add direct DM buttons to each profile (didn’t quite make it into this update). You can also choose to only receive messages from people you are following. That is in the settings. It is off by default. Note, you can only add users if they have “set up” their Messenger, which requires selecting a PIN or signing a message to generate their key. Also note, there is a known issue in the Trust Wallet Dapp browser that makes the keypad on mobile be “in the way”. We can’t solve this, it’s a Trust issue and the same thing happens on Twitter or Facebook.

We are working on some other very unique features right now and should be able to reveal more about them soon. Some potential game changers :)

That’s all for now, thanks everyone!

Carbon Team