Major Update to Carbon and ESOS Tokens

Our true followers would have been paying attention lately and been aware of our hard work, particularly in the area of product development. We’ve released evidence of our progress and it’s been going very well.

ESOS tokens, obviously, are a different story. To be honest, airdropping all tokens, whilst we had the best intentions, seems to have affected the perceived value and lowered the demand. Carbon as a project holds tremendous value and has great potential. What we’re building is like nothing else and we fully expect the launched platform to be a success.

It’s time to move on from the ESOS token. The lack of understanding of its value and the lack of trading volume is crippling our future development potential. We need excitement, and an active community.

We are going to release a brand new ERC20 token called CRBN, to match the future CRBN coins. This token will have a token sale to raise funds for better exchange listings, effective marketing and perhaps most importantly, UniSwap liquidity. Yes, we are going to list CRBN tokens on UniSwap with locked liquidity.

Most of you would also be aware of my other project, DistX. If not, DistX is a token sale platform launching on October 28 with great decentralised features and a very attractive rewards system.

CRBN token will hold its token sale on the DistX platform. It will be one of the first token sales held on DistX, which is sure to gain a lot of attention and give Carbon a nice jumpstart. So, CRBN token sale will be at a date after October 28.

How do we look after the current ESOS holders? They’ll be airdropped CRBN tokens, at a ratio of 1:10. 1 CRBN for every 10 ESOS. To be eligible you will need to complete a form and register your wallet address (details coming soon). The ratio is based on the token sale prices for CRBN tokens vs the current value of ESOS (and we’re being quite generous given the lack of trading volume for ESOS). The snapshot for ESOS holders will be on Wednesday, September 16 at 7am UTC. So you’ve got time to withdraw your ESOS from the exchanges and into personal wallets.

There will be another advantage to holding CRBN tokens. Over the next 12 months, a total of 1,000,000 CRBN tokens will be shared amongst the top 200 CRBN holders (snapshot of top 200 each month). That means 12 x 83k+ airdrops, proportionate to CRBN holdings. For example if you hold 1% of all CRBN, you’ll get 1% of the airdrop bonus. This system should help the community to hold their tokens while we are busy building Carbon.

We believe this new system will be a success. It will be promoted by DistX given we share some core team members. Carbon has more development than most projects during token sale stage and it would be a real shame to continue to watch ESOS fizzle out due to having no starting value. This was in hindsight a mistake. We tried to give too much and in return the demand and inherit value was lost. You will absolutely want to be a part of the CRBN token sale.

Total supply for CRBN tokens will be 50M. Around 3M or more will be airdropped to ESOS holders (a nice chunk of the supply).

We are again trying to look after our followers in the best way possible. In this case, we need to inject some value into the system which will benefit everyone and give us the funding required to make Carbon a success.

Please stay tuned for more specific details.

Daniel & Rob

Carbon blockchain

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