Intro to the new look Carbon project

You are probably already aware we’re overhauling the Carbon project, and holding a CRBN token sale on the DistX platform. We will also be releasing the new whitepaper next Tuesday, October 20. We thought we should give you a quick intro to the new look project first, because you’ve been patiently waiting. So here it is.


Here is an excerpt from the upcoming whitepaper, which serves as a decent introduction:

“Carbon is a social crypto hub featuring a range of encrypted, decentralised communication tools.

We aim to bring many of the most popular crypto user requirements into one place. This includes encrypted messaging, notepad, password vault, social feed, token wallet, contact book, airdrops, events calendar and project team tools and much more. Put simply, most of your day to day crypto experience will be possible within the Carbon web app.

Users will connect with MetaMask, and have the option of centralised or decentralised data storage on most tools. All private content is fully encrypted off-chain for maximum security.

What problem does Carbon solve?

Currently, those in the crypto space must use many different apps and platforms simultaneously, creating hard work and leaving a lot of scope for error and insecure communications. Telegram for direct messaging, Twitter for news and announcements, local apps for password and secure data storage, other platforms for airdrops, another app for their token wallet, another for calendar and contacts and the list goes on. There needs to be one place where this all comes together. A place you can connect, share, send, receive, subscribe and follow everything cryptocurrency related, right from your browser by simply connecting with MetaMask.

Carbon is that place. Featuring a range of tools suitable for individuals and project teams alike, we’ve designed a great platform to bring everyone together and experience the benefits of encrypted, decentralised data and communications using the Ethereum blockchain.”

The following is a list of tools/features of the Carbon app. In-depth explanations of what each of them do, and how they work on a technical level, will be included in the whitepaper.

  • Social feed (with followers + contacts)
  • Messenger (+ encrypted and blockchain storage optional)
  • Contacts book with crypto addresses, profiles and more
  • CRBN Wallet
  • Secure, encrypted notepad
  • Secure password vault
  • NFT gallery + NFTs for achievements
  • Donations / charity
  • Leaderboards / gamification
  • Rewards system for holding CRBN and using the app
  • Team accounts with tools including airdrops and events
  • Events calendar
  • Airdrops for CRBN users, right from the app
  • More tools coming in the future

As you can see, we’ve got a lot going on. Various tools and features will require certain levels of CRBN tokens in your wallet. Your CRBN balance will also give you access to a share of the rewards pool, which will be outlined in the whitepaper.

We’ve already built some of the basic tools and tested them, as well as tested the very unique encryption method (which uses MetaMask yet handles everything off-chain). We’re very confident that everything we have designed is very achievable given sufficient development time and funding.

Why did we move away from creating our own blockchain? Well, Ethereum has experienced a resurgence of late, largely thanks to UniSwap and the DeFi and NFT movements. With Ethereum 2.0 “right around the corner” (eventually) this will further cement Ethereum as the most widely used blockchain and the place to be to gain users. On top of this, our unique integration with MetaMask is essential for most of the tools outlined above. Creating our own blockchain would’ve been nice, however that was more intended for a mainstream userbase with the focus on data storage. The new look Carbon is designed by and for crypto users, because we’ve seen a real need for these features to come together in one place.

Don’t miss the Carbon token sale on the DistX platform on Monday November 9 (new date, no longer Nov 5), and the new whitepaper next Tuesday October 20. The whitepaper will also include some visual mockups of the platform.

Thanks again for your patience and ongoing support. Carbon will be well worth the wait!

Daniel & Rob