CRBN Token Sale Update

As previously mentioned, we’re shifting from ESOS to CRBN tokens shortly, and undertaking a token sale to raise funds for UniSwap, marketing and development of the Carbon project.

We’ve asked ESOS holders to complete a claim form, which will give them a 10:1 airdrop of ESOS/CRBN tokens. This ratio was based on the token sale price of CRBN vs the price and liquidity of ESOS tokens. If you are yet to complete the claim form, here it is. You have until the end of October, so there’s no rush.

Following are some details for the upcoming CRBN token sale:

Date: Monday, November 9.
Where: DistX Platform at
Total supply: 50M
Token Sale supply: 25M
Price: 5c
UniSwap listing? Yes, with liquidity locked. Starting price 6c.
Team tokens: Locked, slow release over 12 months.
Softcap: 1,000 ETH

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We will be listing the token sale on the DistX platform as soon as it has launched, on October 28. You will then see a countdown to the start of the CRBN token sale. There will also be early access for DISTX token holders.

There are going to be some major changes to the Carbon project. This market, and the technology is changing so quickly, that we have decided to drastically improve our chances of success and make some big changes to the project. We are confident you will prefer the new look project and understand the far greater chances of success. An all-new website and whitepaper are coming during October.

We are very confident the token sale will be a success, and you’ll be glad you are a part of it.

The Telegram group may still be a little quiet while we get all of the information together and get everyone updated, but please stick around because we’re sure things are going to heat up really fast.

Thanks for your patience and continued support while we adapt.

Daniel & Rob

Carbon blockchain

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