Hey Carbonians!

We’ve been hard at work as usual, and as promised, here is a sneak peek of the brand new UI for Carbon. Not all features/tools are shown, but enough to give you a good idea of how it looks and how it works.

The current status of the build is all of the HTML + CSS is done, and is now being converted to React, and connected to the backend. So in these screenshots, we are using dummy data, just for illustration purposes. Please don’t take any data literally.

We are well on track for Beta launch on Jan 31, which isn’t too far away at all now. As mentioned yesterday, we will be putting together a little teaser video showing some of this UI, and outlining the features and benefits of Carbon. The video will be a great resource to share. This will likely be completed before Dec 31.

Please check out the following screenshots, and there’s some text explanations in each caption too. Hope you like it!

This will be the “home page” when you are logged in. Showing the social feed. From here you can navigate away to other sections, but the social feed will be very prominent in Carbon as it brings people together and offers fresh content constantly. As you can see, social posts have upvotes/downvotes and comments, which will provide ways for users to earn points.
An individual user profile page. If you click on a user’s username it will go to this section showing their social posts, rankings, and letting you follow, add them as a contact, block them and more.
Carbon Contacts. This section shows all of your contacts and lets you easily search for someone in particular. From here you can send them crypto, follow/unfollow their social feed, and view latest transactions between you and them.
The Leaderboards section. This shows global rankings for the day, week and rewards period (month). Also shows a separate leaderboard for just your friends, so you can complete with them for rewards. The leaderboards are updated every few seconds. Points come from CRBN holdings, plus app usage activity such as upvotes, making contacts, saving data to the chain and more.
Carbon Wallet. This pulls in all of your MetaMask token holdings, shows their values and daily/weekly performance of your entire portfolio. You can also send each token from this section, and select a contact or enter an address. MetaMask completes the transaction.
Carbon Messenger. A little like Telegram, but to begin with it’s only for DMs with one other contact. In future we will add group messages. DMs are fully end to end encrypted. We’ve designed a very clean and simple layout for now which works well across all devices, and it’s likely to become more complex in future. You can also add emojis, images and GIFs to messages.
NFT Gallery. This shows any NFTs you have in your wallet. It also shows the most popular from all users, based on upvotes/downvotes. Clicking on an NFT will link to Rarible where you can view more details or purchase it.
An example of a social post individual page, showing a single post and comments thread underneath. Comments also receive upvotes/downvotes and earn points for the commenter. This will encourage good quality discussion.
An example of a mobile layout of the home page. Carbon is mobile responsive and very clean and smooth to use.
Light mode! Our default will be dark mode, but we’ll have an option to switch to light mode for those who prefer it. Still very clean and fresh.

That’s all for now. We hope you like what you see so far. We are fully committed to Carbon and are actually really enjoying building it. We’re looking forward to the Beta launch in around 6 weeks.

Thanks again for your support, it means a lot.

Daniel & Rob

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