Carbon Rewards and Bonuses; Key Dates and Numbers

Many of you have been waiting for some dates and figures for the Carbon Top 300 rewards system. As outlined in our whitepaper, the top 300 ranked users will share in a very healthy rewards pool. Since the Carbon app won’t be live until late January, the Top 300 will be based solely on CRBN holdings for the time being.

We have put together “tiers” of reward payouts based on ranked position. This stops whales from claiming huge portions of the rewards due to holding a huge share of tokens. The tiered payout amounts increase as you climb higher up the leaderboard, so see how high you can go! You can see the top 300 holders here.

Here are the tiered payouts

We have allocated a huge share for December, slightly less for January, less again for February and so forth. This is because revenue will take over after the app launch, and help to fill the pools (also we want to have a nice big rewards pool up to kick things off!).

Rewards payout dates:
December 15th (less than 3 weeks away)
January 15th
February 15th
March 15th
and so forth.

Snapshots will be taken shortly before each payout (same day).

Rewards will be airdropped directly to the wallet of the ranked holder, you cannot request we send to another wallet, so please make sure you’re holding CRBN in the wallet you want your rewards to be paid into. We will also be excluding team and exchange wallets (so the top 300 will be more like top 307 or 308).

Unsold Token Bonuses

Many of you are aware we agreed to airdrop 10% of 75% of unsold tokens, proportionally back to token sale participants. These payouts will happen on December 15 as well. The total pool for those tokens is 978,396 CRBN. As a guide you’ll receive approximately 642 CRBN per 1 ETH you contributed. The bonuses will be sent to the same address you used in the token sale.

We hope this information helps to answer some common questions. Stick around and you’ll be generously rewarded. We’re looking forward to giving back to our community and launching an amazing platform very soon!

Daniel & Rob

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