Carbon Project Update: Account creation event a BIG success!

Wow, what a week it has been! We’ve been very busy making sure the account creation and username claiming event ran smoothly, and Carbon once again gained a lot of attention in the lead-up.

The event was a huge success! As of right now we have over 2,000 users signed up and they’ve all claimed their usernames. Despite the inevitable DDOS attempts, we had 100% uptime and no real issues at all. There have been some teething problems in regards to MetaMask on mobile, but aside from that, we’ve received an excellent response and we believe Carbon is set for big things. Our internal goal for day 1 was only 500 users. We smashed through that easily! It did require our team working until midnight on a Sunday to make sure everything went well, but that’s what it takes.

We also trended on both CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap simultaneously which resulted in even more user signups, and great trading volume for the CRBN tokens. All in all, Carbon is very healthy right now.

We’re going to apply a special “OG” badge to the first 250 users who created an account AND hold some CRBN tokens in their wallet at the time. Currently that’s about 100 people, so 150 more to go. The badge will appear in their Carbon profile as a permanent reminder that they were an early adopter and supporter. This badge will be applied shortly after Beta is released and will be one of many badges Carbon users can earn for various achievements.

Need help creating an account? Check out our FAQ section at for some tips and instructions. It’s quite simple so long as you have MetaMask connected and have chosen your future Carbon wallet. You will not have your address listed on your public Carbon profile, but if you ever send or receive crypto via the Carbon wallet, obviously the other user will be able to see it on the blockchain. So we encourage you to use a fresh wallet for your Carbon account, for added privacy and anonymity. We would also like to confirm, Carbon does NOT have access to your MetaMask wallet holdings. Every single transaction on MetaMask needs to be signed by you. We have no more access to your crypto than any other website that uses MetaMask. We don’t have your private keys, and we don’t have the ability to send or receive crypto without you signing the transaction. Signing during account creation simply proves ownership of your wallet and links it to your Carbon account for future.

We have commenced banner advertising on CoinGecko and will continue that for the next week or so. This is already providing significant traffic to our website. We’ve prepaid for over 1 million banner views. Last week we were also sponsored on the Dextools website, which received a good response too. As well as these things, our marketing team has commenced work and we have seen a nice uptick in social engagement already. They are working on more strategic approaches that will take some time. In general, it’s clear that everything is coming together and we are growing rapidly.

We have already had some influencers create their Carbon accounts and claim their reserved usernames. This is something we will be pursuing constantly as we understand the value of an influencer bringing their fan base along to Carbon. Once we release the Beta we can start tagging influencers that have joined, to welcome them. This will let you all know exactly who has joined.

Regarding the Beta, we hope to have a fixed date for release soon. We have endless work to do on Carbon, so it’s a question of where to draw the line for the first beta release. We don’t want to release anything half-baked but at the same time we can’t wait to get everyone using it. More info will come soon about the release date.

Thanks again to everyone for your support, sharing and encouragement. Without you, we wouldn’t be so motivated.

Daniel & Rob

Create your Carbon account and claim your username now at