Carbon Project Update

Hey Carbonians!

We’ve been very busy behind the scenes over the past few weeks, planning and building the Carbon app. Today we held a long, in-depth development meeting to go over all of the features, timeline, tokenomics and much more.

Here are some key points and outcomes we covered:

1. The Direct Messaging tool will now be in the first launch. This is quite a significant change, as it obviously ties in well with the other social features we planned to launch in late January. To begin with, the DMs will be between 2 members only, not group chats just yet, but they’ll come later. All data in DMs will be fully end to end encrypted, making it a great place for private chats.

2. Leaderboards and the Carbon Wallet will both also be brought forward, to the first launch. This means users can compete for points (mostly with content creation), see how they rank against others every day, week and for the month, and more. The Carbon Wallet will show all of your MetaMask token balances and values and allow you to send tokens from within the Carbon app. It’ll also allow you to quickly send to another user who is on your contacts list.

3. We’ll be launching a very cool series of functional NFTs soon. These will be in very short supply on Rarible and actually function to upgrade your Carbon account. You’ll really want to be one of the first to own one of these if you plan on using Carbon in the future — they’ll be highly sought after!

4. We’re working on a video that will be a nice quick explainer for Carbon, a few minutes long, that will be a great resource for sharing. It will cover the problem, solution, features, benefits, rewards system and other critical info that explains why Carbon will be a success.

5. Devs will be working on adding some awesome new media options for within Carbon. Not just boring old text!

6. We’re working on a special “Carbon Network” section where we’ll display partners, sponsored promotions and more. Great exposure on offer, and it’ll all help the revenue stream (which fees the rewards pool). We’ve already made progress in regards to partnerships and should be able to say more soon.

7. If you missed it, 25% of all revenue will be used to BUY & BURN CRBN tokens, making it a deflationary token. This is potentially a big deal!

8. We have already begun planning marketing for pre-launch and post-launch with the sole intention of gaining and retaining users.

We covered a lot more during the meeting, and more will be revealed very soon.

Reminder: The first ever Carbon Rewards Airdrop will be Tuesday 15th December, just over 1 week from now. There are HUGE rewards on offer for those on the top 300 leaderboard.

You have likely noticed the token price has been falling. We’re not overly concerned with the price as we are very confident in what we’re building and how successful it will be. A successful, popular platform is absolutely the solution to every current problem. I have mentioned several times in the past, but patience is required. We’re not a 48 hour quick flip “project”, we’re building something REAL and will be in big demand very soon.

Watch this space :)

Daniel & Rob