Carbon Partners with Dextools

One of the features of Carbon that we think will be most popular, is the Carbon Wallet. This essentially detects the tokens you have in your connected MetaMask wallet and allows you to view balances, send and receive with contacts, view your portfolio performance and more.

We reached out to Dextools recently because we saw a need for providing reliable, live token information, charts and official UniSwap trading links.

We are excited to announce we are partnering with Dextools.

Carbon will include a direct link to the Dextools page for each token, within the Carbon Wallet, saving you time in searching for the correct token for prices, charts and trading links. This will also help to reduce scams caused by fake or imposter tokens and unofficial UniSwap links.

The integration will take place as soon as the Carbon Wallet is functional after our full public launch (probably not during beta).

We will continue to support Dextools, a widely used and high quality service. They have been very successful already, but this is just the beginning. They have an active community and large, ever-increasing user base and we hope to provide steady traffic to their platform via Carbon.

Carbon and Dextools will continue to support each other and share or promote where possible. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial partnership.

Daniel and Rob