Carbon Partners with DAPS Coin to Expand User Privacy Options

Carbon will offer impressive user data privacy options, including decentralised, fully encrypted data storage. There will be no email registration, no personal details or identifiable data required and Carbon accounts are managed in a similar fashion to managing your cryptocurrency. We have data privacy well covered.

One area we feel is very important for our users, is the offering of a privacy coin solution. It’s not possible to remain completely private using ERC20 tokens, so Carbon can’t offer this service alone.

We are pleased to announce we are partnering with DAPS Coin, our privacy coin of choice, to at first offer mutual support while we grow, and in future some technical integration between Carbon and DAPS wallets.

As we are yet to launch, and DAPS is still growing stronger every day, the short term benefits include sharing and supporting each other’s growth and encouraging the DAPS community to use Carbon, and Carbon community to use DAPS.

DAPS and Carbon are both Australian based. I have personally come to know DAPS creator Adel De Meyer over the years and there has always been a mutual support and trust. DAPS is a very legitimate and ethical team and project, something that many privacy coins lack. They are hard working and remained focused right through 2018 and 2019, when many others gave up. We admire them and are very comfortable supporting DAPS and in return, having them support us and help us to grow.

“Now more than ever we need alternatives to the big tech companies from the USA. Now that blockchain technology matured and originally brought us the awesome invention called ‘Bitcoin’, we can not only take monopoly and control away from centralized banks, but we can also step away from biased big tech monopolies not respecting freedom of speech and no regard for our privacy.

We are proud to collaborate with Carbon who have the same values and goals as the DAPS Coin community which is privacy, P2P and safety of our data. The Carbon team is on a good mission making social media what it is supposed to be, censorship free and private and we will be right there with them fighting the good fight.”

Adel De Meyer, DAPS Coin Creator

Recently, privacy and data ownership have been hot topics. Major platforms are censoring, banning and shutting down free speech. Carbon is committed to offering an untouchable free speech platform. We believe in a decentralised world, and DAPS will help us to offer a complete service.

This partnership is just the beginning for Carbon. We’re working on growing our network, and we’ve also experienced a great response from influencers intending to join and use Carbon once we launch. We’re set for big things!

Thanks again for your support while we build.

Daniel & Rob


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