Carbon End of Year Update

2020 was a big year in crypto, and for Carbon. We planned, designed and began development of the new look Carbon platform and it’s all starting to come together.

January will be a big month for us as we move closer to beta launch scheduled for January 31. You may be aware that we’ve faced some unprecedented challenges lately, that has had a negative impact on CRBN token price. Most of these challenges were related to another person, working on another project, not related to Carbon. Of course, we understand how fud works. We believe the worst is behind us and we’ve continued to build and power through it as best we can.

Throughout these challenging times we have realised that we need to focus on the product and gaining users, for a successful platform, and not so much on day to day “pumps” with news and hype. Our road to success (and yours too) is 100% down to the product we deliver. We’ve said it many times before, but Carbon is not a short term deal. We’re here to stay and it will take us time to ensure quality, continued development and evolution of the product.

I have been spending time pursuing partnerships and integrations with other successful, high quality projects. We aren’t interested in partnering with a project without a working product, as that’s all based on potential and hype. Likewise, not many would partner with Carbon until we are launched.

What we are trying to communicate here is that we intend to build Carbon to the highest standard we can, focus on gaining users and keeping them, and we aren’t overly concerned with hitting arbitrary dates that have traditionally been designed to create token price pumps (traditionally meaning across all of crypto). Dates usually serve as an indicator to buy or sell, with little regard for the actual product or future of the project. We do intend to meet the January 31 beta date, but will not be rushing features or tools into it if they require more time to perfect. A beta shouldn’t have obvious flaws that need attention, it should be close to finished. A beta that is “poor” and released simply due to a date commitment, is going to hurt the project.

January 31 beta release will likely include the social feed, account creation, contacts tool and leaderboards. This will give users the opportunity to earn points straight away (by creating social posts, comments etc) and takes the emphasis away from holding CRBN to earn points.

After the beta is sufficiently tested and is as perfect as it can be, more tools and features will be added, such as the messenger.

We have seen far too many projects suffer from trying to hit impossible deadlines, and they release substandard products with a poor foundation to build upon. Carbon is our future, we plan to develop it continuously.

So, hold on, it may take a while but keep those hands strong because we think that one day Carbon will be big. We have experience in releasing products and gaining users. We will not be rushed, as our own livelihoods also rely on a quality product. Of course we are disappointed with recent events beyond our control, and we would love to see our community thrive and profit. It just requires time and patience.

The next date you need to know is January 15th which is the rewards snapshot and airdrop. 1,000,000 CRBN shared among the top 300 holders. This will likely be the last rewards airdrop that is solely based on CRBN holdings, as points for app usage should come into play from Jan 31.

We have much more going on behind the scenes than you probably realise, but will not announce anything until it’s guaranteed or locked in.

We’ll also try to be transparent when it comes to our budget and spending. We don’t have a huge budget, after UniSwap liquidity and token sale marketing expenses, but it’s healthy enough to build the platform and market the product sufficiently. You should be aware that despite the value of ETH or BTC at the time, not many crypto services change their rates. Something that cost 10 ETH at $400, still probably costs 10 ETH right now. So the rise in ETH price doesn’t help as much as many people think.

We do intend to market the beta release before and after the date. We have been in touch with YouTubers and are trying to lock in some coverage (which is not easy). We understand marketing is critical but again, ask for some patience as the marketing is designed to gain users and promote the product, not to pump the tokens for no reason. We fully understand if Carbon “isn’t for you” — if you’re just looking for quick flips and 10x tokens that will be obsolete in a week. But if you like the sound of something that will be here long term and become a major player in the space, we’re happy to have you!

We hope you all have a great new year and 2021 is awesome!

Daniel & Rob

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