Carbon Beta is Here!

Hey Carbonians!

Well, it’s here. The very first Beta release of Carbon.

As previously mentioned, the first week will be for testers who have already registered. We had over 7,500 usernames claimed. If you were one of them, you can test the beta right now. Week 2 will be for new users on MetaMask only. Week 3 for new users connecting with Twitter, Facebook and Google. These dates are tentative of course, as is the nature of app development.

Keep in mind, it’s a beta. The features are somewhat limited for now and we’ll be constantly adding more functionality from now on. For now you can use the social feed, groups, add contacts and most importantly earn points for the next rewards payout in a few weeks time.

We still need to add obvious features such as reposting, commenting on comments and other things that we would consider standard but will take a little more time to implement (not long). Also for now, images are only available via links. To insert an image, use to upload it and then grab the URL and insert it into your post. We’re looking into a long term image solution which as you can appreciate, is not a small task as we are planning for millions of users. But for now, use imgur.

We also have some other features we haven’t announced yet that we think will be very popular for both mainstream users and the crypto space. And of course the direct messaging, NFT features and much more. Carbon will continue to grow and evolve for many years, but today marks the very beginning.

Some notes:
- To edit your profile and bio, go to the settings page from the top right menu.
- GIFs are ok for profile images so long as they are under 1mb
- You can change light or dark mode via the settings page too.
- You can share your posts (please do) anywhere you like. The public can view social posts, they don’t need to be logged in.
- Follow the user @Carbon for future updates.
- You can easily flip between the best posts from all users, and just those from users you are following. You can also visit groups and create posts in them, once inside a group. Posts created when not inside a group, go onto your standard social feed.

Thank you to everyone who will test the beta. Feel free to submit feedback via our contact form on the website.

Carbon also works in Brave Browser (with a connected wallet) and appears to work in Trust Wallet dapp browser too (you may need to enable dapps if using iOS, it’s very simple to do). MetaMask on mobile, particularly on iOS, has its flaws. Desktop will always be a better experience. You are responsible for any exporting/importing of accounts and keys across various apps to move your account, please be safe.

We’ve registered a brand new domain for the Carbon app. Nobody wants to have to go to just to use a platform. From now on the app will be on and the information website will remain as

So, if you’re signed up, head on over to right now and give it a go! Create some posts, comment on others and remember this is a live platform and your content will remain after the beta ends. So post something useful! :)

We hope you enjoy testing Carbon and being an early adopter of something huge. We’re always around for any questions or feedback (although we have a lot of work to do!).