Hey Carbonians!

It’s been a tough few days in the markets, but we’ve continued to develop and improve the Carbon platform. We’ve just released a significant update.

This update includes 3 major changes.
1) Email signups
2) Image uploads
3) A new-look personalised content feed

Let’s start with the email signups. Users can now choose to sign up with either MetaMask, or email and password. For now we are only allowing emails from major providers (such as Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud and others). This should have the vast majority of users covered and it’s likely we will open up to “all domains” soon after some more beta testing. Email based accounts will allow users to access Carbon from any web browser on desktop or mobile. If you already have a MetaMask based account, please continue using that method. You would need a new account to use email login. Email users can still paste in their rewards payout address, but they cannot earn points from holding CRBN, only from app usage.

Image uploads are finally here! No more imgur links required! It has taken us some time to build an image upload system that will support a large userbase. It’s not a simple thing to build at all, but what we have created seems to work very well. It would be great to see more text-based posts in general, but if you do want to upload images, it is now very simple. You can also upload profile images easily too (from the settings page).

Finally, the new look personalised content feed. You may notice that you are prompted to join at least 5 groups (topics, essentially) which will create your personalised feed. This allows all users to choose the content they see, rather than seeing “all posts” which is largely unwanted. If you’re not interested in bitcoin or memes for example, you can filter it out by not joining those groups. If you haven’t already subscribed to 5 groups, you will need to do so. We’ve also created a nice mix of posts from all groups you have joined, pulling in a few of the current best posts from each group and allowing you to sort them further. Please keep in mind this system is designed for a higher number of users and posts, so it may seem “not ideal” for now, but it will work well later. There’s also a “random” toggle for discovering new content (still within your groups). The reason we gave this system an overhaul is to help eliminate the “junk” from your feed. We don’t want new users inundated with crypto memes, for example. We want them to decide what they are interested in. From there, they can also follow more relevant users.

All posts must be posted into a group from now on. If posting from the home screen, you can select the group via the dropdown in the post creation area.

There are more features coming very soon, such as the portfolio. It almost made it into this update and is not too far away at all. We’re also reviewing the points and rewards system now that we’ve had a few months to learn how users are using (or abusing) the current platform. We will continue to expand and refine Carbon to make sure all users enjoy using Carbon and allow them to have control over their experience. Some nice changes are coming soon that will vastly improve user experience and discourage pointless, thoughtless or spammy posts.

We have also purchased a better domain name (which was previously unavailable). In future we will migrate to carbon.social instead of crbn.social which is easier to remember and better from a branding perspective. All previous links on the current domain will redirect, so nothing should be lost.

We are still working on the previous airdrop issue and have identified the problem. Any users who didn’t receive the correct rewards, will do soon.

Thanks for your patience, go check out the update!

Carbon Team