Big Things Ahead — What September 1st means for Carbon

Carbon launched its Beta version at the end of March, just over 3 months ago. Over that time we’ve added many features and made significant improvements based on your usage and feedback. We’ve come a long way already, and as it stands right now, Carbon is a usable social crypto platform. But it’s almost time to take it to the next level.

We are excited to announce that on September 1st, Carbon will be completing its Beta testing stage and moving to a fully launched platform. Of course this will come with some significant new features, including:

  • Mobile apps! Android and iOS.
  • Carbon Credits system allowing deposits and withdrawals of CRBN for credits to use on the Carbon app for promoting posts, tipping other users and much more.
  • Profile live chats . Every Carbon user will have a running live chat on their profile and can control the access to their chats. Public or private options, paid subscriptions for access, HODL for access, assign moderators and more. These chats will be unencrypted, so the encrypted messenger is still there as a separate and very important feature.
  • Topic live chats. As above, each topic (such as cars, movies, games etc) will have a running live chat. Fully public (follow the topic to participate).
  • Promoted posts. Create a post, boost it with CRBN credits for higher prominence in the feeds.
  • Reacts. More than just like or dislike. React to posts however you like and even filter your feed by reactions. For example, sort by funniest posts, saddest, most shocking and more. You control your experience.
  • Password logins for MetaMask users. Yes, this means you’ll be able to use Carbon in the apps or in any browser, by setting a password within your Carbon settings. This is a fairly major thing, no more having to use MetaMask mobile browser! Of course, it’s your choice if you want to maintain the maximum security the MetaMask signing offers, or you feel comfortable with a password login.

We fully intend for all of these features to be live on September 1st. Of course, in app development there are no guarantees but we believe it’s all achievable.

On top of these features there is also Carbon Live. The first version of Carbon Live is simply a method of posting without a topic, or a title required. Only those following you will see those posts. Basically it’s a little bit of a Twitter style experience built in to Carbon to allow everyone to post about anything, without it affecting the experience of global users. This should be released in the next few weeks. We intend to build in more “activity” into the Carbon Live feeds in future as well.

So as you can see we have A LOT coming for Carbon. But that’s not all. We are also working on a major new feature that’s very unique. It will allow all users to earn limited “space” within the Carbon platform, and buy/sell/monetise spaces. We can’t say much about it just yet, and it will likely be coming in October (not Sep 1) but it’s a potential game changer as it offers a very unique method of discovering content and new users, and a great way to build your own influence and capitalise on it without relying on traditional monetisation methods such as ads. We believe it will create a lot of buzz and also keep users returning to Carbon daily. More about this major feature will be coming soon. It will heavily factor in the CRBN tokens.

You may notice a few previously mentioned features are still not included in our immediate plans. They may still be coming later but for now we are focusing solely on what we have already and the features mentioned above. The goal is to gain users and keep them active and engaged. Features that only appeal to a very small % of all people, as cool as the feature may be, won’t benefit us at this point in time.

On the topic of gaining users, we intend to market the September 1 launch quite heavily and also directly approach influencers to invite them on board. We’ll also be releasing a video which will serve as a teaser/trailer outlining the features and benefits. We want to drive as many users as possible to the app on September 1 and make sure they have enough to do, to hang around. We have built a platform that can handle heavy usage, we’ve done everything the right way in preparation for this moment. Hold onto your CRBN tokens as you’ll be in great shape in future to use them in various ways and we believe they will be in increasing demand once all features are in place. Get CRBN tokens from UniSwap or Gate.

Carbon will be a place like no other. Full control over your experience, great privacy and security options, pro discussion and free speech, built in crypto features and encrypted communications and much more. Perhaps most importantly, it will be a fun and entertaining place to spend time. Carbon is social, how you want it.

The beta testing period will continue until September 1 but we won’t be making any real attempts to drive users to the platform until then. Focusing on a single launch date with more features ready is the best approach to gain momentum. It’s also not a great time right now to be trying to gain traction in the crypto market. You are still early, take advantage of the fact you know about us already. We would encourage you to invite just 3 friends to join Carbon. It will make a difference to the experience and also the testing, even during beta.

6 weeks to go. You don’t want to miss this. Please start inviting your friends to join now so you are all ready for September 1.

Thanks everyone!

Carbon Team