Hey Carbonians!

As promised, we’re updating you on the changes to the rewards system as well as some other developments.

As you know, we paused the points for “app usage” last week due to the manipulation and exploiting of the rewards system by some users, creating an unfair environment for genuine users. We’ve been working on better solutions for a while, and we’d like to introduce the new system now, with the intention of it being effective from June 16th onwards (the next rewards period).

Carbon Content Creators

Our solution is to approach it from an angle of positivity, and…

Hey Carbonians, it’s time for another update.

Carbon has been in beta for a few months now and we’ve been looking closely at how users are using or abusing the system we have had in place. Specifically the points and rewards system. We’ve continued development of key features and made a lot of progress and improvements to Carbon already. It’s time for some changes based on our findings and where we want to take Carbon.

Firstly, it’s important to conclude that there is no possible system to reward users for their content that cannot be manipulated or exploited. We’ve tried…

Hey Carbonians!

It’s been a tough few days in the markets, but we’ve continued to develop and improve the Carbon platform. We’ve just released a significant update.

This update includes 3 major changes.
1) Email signups
2) Image uploads
3) A new-look personalised content feed

Let’s start with the email signups. Users can now choose to sign up with either MetaMask, or email and password. For now we are only allowing emails from major providers (such as Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud and others). This should have the vast majority of users covered and it’s likely we will open up to “all…

Hey Carbonians!

The Carbon Beta has been quite successful, not only in terms of usage but also from a technical and performance standpoint. We have had to make some minor adjustments having seen how people are choosing to use the platform, but nothing that changes our general direction.

We’ve been closely monitoring the usage and performance of the app. Over the past few weeks we’ve had over 10,000 posts from thousands of unique users, almost 20,000 comments and over 50,000 notifications. People are using Carbon regularly. …

Hey Carbonians!

We’ve just rolled out an update to the Carbon Beta. It’s a fairly significant update as it allows new MetaMask account signups, plus a whole lot of improvements and extras.

As you know we’ve been working on ways to handle multiple accounts and bots. One solution (among other things) we have implemented is only allowing signups from MetaMask wallets that have some transaction history. In general this means it’s a wallet that a real person is using. It doesn’t need to hold CRBN tokens, or any other crypto, it just needs to have been used for something in…

Hey Carbonians!

Well as you probably know, we launched our very first beta release last Wednesday, as planned. It’s been a very successful launch thus far, with hundreds of active users posting content, earning points and generally enjoying using the platform in its basic form.

As expected we received a lot of feedback and suggestions. A few minor bugs and some improvements, and some new feature requests too. Over all, the beta has been very stable and performing well on a technical level. …

Hey Carbonians!

Well, it’s here. The very first Beta release of Carbon.

As previously mentioned, the first week will be for testers who have already registered. We had over 7,500 usernames claimed. If you were one of them, you can test the beta right now. Week 2 will be for new users on MetaMask only. Week 3 for new users connecting with Twitter, Facebook and Google. These dates are tentative of course, as is the nature of app development.

Keep in mind, it’s a beta. The features are somewhat limited for now and we’ll be constantly adding more functionality from…

Hey Carbonians!

We have a huge few weeks coming up, with the Carbon Beta release scheduled to drop on Wednesday, March 31st. We wanted to put out a quick article with important information and dates for you all.

It’s important to remember that it’s a beta. Betas are for testing, improving and ironing out any bugs in readiness for a full public launch. With this in mind, we will be restricting signups according to the following schedule:

Week 1: Wednesday March 31 to Wednesday April 7:
Beta will be usable only by those who have already created their account with MetaMask…

Hey Carbonians!

As promised, we’ve put together a little demo showing development progress of Carbon. As you know, Carbon Beta launches on March 31st, less than 3 weeks from now.

Development is going very well. As you can see in the video, it’s almost fully functional and we are now fine tuning and testing thoroughly. There will be improvements before Beta release.

Carbon Groups are not shown in this video but will be present in the Beta release. Also not shown is signup, and we should have “non MetaMask” signup options ready to go within a week or so of…

Hey Carbonians!

Just for fun, we’d like to announce a Carbon meme contest, with some nice CRBN and NFT prizes!

Here’s how it works:
- To enter, create your memes and post them on our Twitter meme thread AND on your own Twitter profile. So, post them in 2 places.
- The memes with the most likes (on our thread) will win. Prizes below.
- Must post your memes before Monday, 8th March at 8am UTC to be eligible. Voting ends 24hrs after that (Tuesday 9th March 8am UTC).
- Must also be following us to win!

Meme topics include…

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