Many of you have been waiting for some dates and figures for the Carbon Top 300 rewards system. As outlined in our whitepaper, the top 300 ranked users will share in a very healthy rewards pool. Since the Carbon app won’t be live until late January, the Top 300 will be based solely on CRBN holdings for the time being.

We have put together “tiers” of reward payouts based on ranked position. This stops whales from claiming huge portions of the rewards due to holding a huge share of tokens. The tiered payout amounts increase as you climb higher up the leaderboard, so see how high you can go!

Hi everyone! You’re probably aware that the Carbon token sale has just completed. Over all, a very successful sale run on the DistX platform. We smashed through soft cap and finished on around 1,523 ETH raised which is enough for a healthy project to go ahead. We would like to thank everyone for participating and look forward to convincing you it was a great decision to come along for the ride.

So far everything has gone very well, exactly as we hoped. The only exception, as some of you are aware, was the overly generous “lottery” for a 25% portion of the unsold tokens. This is shared among 50 winners, but works out to quite a significant share of free CRBN for each winner. In hindsight this share was larger than it should have been, and that’s on us. We take full responsibility for the numbers and admit they were too high. We are fully confident in the medium to long term health and value of the CRBN token, regardless of any initial profit taking that may occur. I have personally spoken with 6 lottery winners and all plan to hold long term, not “dump” so we are happy with the situation despite that little bump in the road. …

You may have read our previous article, mentioning that unsold tokens would be distributed to token sale participants. We’ve had a lot of feedback from the community and some very valid points were raised. The main issue is “what if there are a lot of unsold tokens, won’t giving that many away harm the token value?”.

The answer to that is “yes”. It’s a potential problem. Whilst we have now reached softcap and are confident in getting close to hardcap, this issue needs to be resolved sooner rather than later.

From our discussions with the community including token sale participants, most people tend to favour burning of unsold tokens rather than giving them away. Burning reduces supply and circulation which helps all token holders. Giving too many away creates some liabilities around when the recipient decides to sell (dump) their free tokens. …

Hey everyone!

You may or may not be aware that the Carbon token sale has gone live! We’re off to a solid start, over 65% of the way to softcap already.

To participate, please visit with a connected MetaMask wallet, and your ETH ready to go. The minimum contribution is 0.5 ETH and maximum 25 ETH. You can only send one tx per address.

You’ve probably also noticed that ETH has been pumping a little lately, and we are unable to adjust our CRBN/ETH rates during the live token sale. We want to look after and reward our supporters and token sale participants. …

You are probably already aware we’re overhauling the Carbon project, and holding a CRBN token sale on the DistX platform. We will also be releasing the new whitepaper next Tuesday, October 20. We thought we should give you a quick intro to the new look project first, because you’ve been patiently waiting. So here it is.


Here is an excerpt from the upcoming whitepaper, which serves as a decent introduction:

“Carbon is a social crypto hub featuring a range of encrypted, decentralised communication tools.

We aim to bring many of the most popular crypto user requirements into one place. This includes encrypted messaging, notepad, password vault, social feed, token wallet, contact book, airdrops, events calendar and project team tools and much more. Put simply, most of your day to day crypto experience will be possible within the Carbon web app.

As previously mentioned, we’re shifting from ESOS to CRBN tokens shortly, and undertaking a token sale to raise funds for UniSwap, marketing and development of the Carbon project.

We’ve asked ESOS holders to complete a claim form, which will give them a 10:1 airdrop of ESOS/CRBN tokens. This ratio was based on the token sale price of CRBN vs the price and liquidity of ESOS tokens. If you are yet to complete the claim form, here it is. You have until the end of October, so there’s no rush.

Following are some details for the upcoming CRBN token sale:

Date: Monday, November 9.
Where: DistX Platform at
Total supply: 50M
Token Sale supply: 25M
Price: 5c
UniSwap listing? Yes, with liquidity locked. Starting price 6c.
Team tokens: Locked, slow release over 12 months.
Softcap: 1,000…

Our true followers would have been paying attention lately and been aware of our hard work, particularly in the area of product development. We’ve released evidence of our progress and it’s been going very well.

ESOS tokens, obviously, are a different story. To be honest, airdropping all tokens, whilst we had the best intentions, seems to have affected the perceived value and lowered the demand. Carbon as a project holds tremendous value and has great potential. What we’re building is like nothing else and we fully expect the launched platform to be a success.

It’s time to move on from the ESOS token. The lack of understanding of its value and the lack of trading volume is crippling our future development potential. We need excitement, and an active community. …



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