It’s been a big week for Carbon. We have started to gain a lot of attention and our community and token holder numbers are growing fast. It’s time for an update on our progress in development, marketing and more.

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Development progress:

As you may be aware, we have shifted more towards the social features to offer a new platform for the millions of people who have left other social platforms over the past few weeks. We want to make sure the social feed is working well, even during beta stage. One part of this change is to ensure the account creation and usernames during beta carry through to the live, fully launched product. There is a lot more work involved to make the beta more of a finished, usable platform that doesn’t feel raw or experimental. Our primary goal is to gain and then retain users. …

One of the features of Carbon that we think will be most popular, is the Carbon Wallet. This essentially detects the tokens you have in your connected MetaMask wallet and allows you to view balances, send and receive with contacts, view your portfolio performance and more.

We reached out to Dextools recently because we saw a need for providing reliable, live token information, charts and official UniSwap trading links.

We are excited to announce we are partnering with Dextools.

Carbon will include a direct link to the Dextools page for each token, within the Carbon Wallet, saving you time in searching for the correct token for prices, charts and trading links. …

For those of you following Carbon from the beginning and having read our whitepaper, you’re probably already familiar with exactly what Carbon is, how it works and have formed your own opinions on our chances of success.

I thought it would be a good time to put together a quick summary for those of you who may not already have all the info.

As you may be aware, recently some popular social platforms have made some controversial decisions to censor or ban users, creating a lot of questions surrounding free speech, data privacy and big tech control.

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Carbon was intended to focus on cryptocurrency users, offering a great place to bring together a social feed for news, private and encrypted DMs, group chat, wallet, NFT gallery, leaderboards and much more. That’s all still going to happen, but we’re really having a closer look at the social feed in particular and how we can create an easy transition from other platforms, regardless of cryptocurrency knowledge. Our priority for the beta launch is centred around the social feed. There is an urgent, immediate need for the Carbon platform, and here’s why. …

Carbon will offer impressive user data privacy options, including decentralised, fully encrypted data storage. There will be no email registration, no personal details or identifiable data required and Carbon accounts are managed in a similar fashion to managing your cryptocurrency. We have data privacy well covered.

One area we feel is very important for our users, is the offering of a privacy coin solution. It’s not possible to remain completely private using ERC20 tokens, so Carbon can’t offer this service alone.

We are pleased to announce we are partnering with DAPS Coin, our privacy coin of choice, to at first offer mutual support while we grow, and in future some technical integration between Carbon and DAPS wallets. …

2020 was a big year in crypto, and for Carbon. We planned, designed and began development of the new look Carbon platform and it’s all starting to come together.

January will be a big month for us as we move closer to beta launch scheduled for January 31. You may be aware that we’ve faced some unprecedented challenges lately, that has had a negative impact on CRBN token price. Most of these challenges were related to another person, working on another project, not related to Carbon. Of course, we understand how fud works. …

Hey Carbonians!

We’ve been hard at work as usual, and as promised, here is a sneak peek of the brand new UI for Carbon. Not all features/tools are shown, but enough to give you a good idea of how it looks and how it works.

The current status of the build is all of the HTML + CSS is done, and is now being converted to React, and connected to the backend. So in these screenshots, we are using dummy data, just for illustration purposes. Please don’t take any data literally.

We are well on track for Beta launch on Jan 31, which isn’t too far away at all now. As mentioned yesterday, we will be putting together a little teaser video showing some of this UI, and outlining the features and benefits of Carbon. The video will be a great resource to share. This will likely be completed before Dec 31. …

Hey Carbonians!

We’ve been very busy behind the scenes over the past few weeks, planning and building the Carbon app. Today we held a long, in-depth development meeting to go over all of the features, timeline, tokenomics and much more.

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Here are some key points and outcomes we covered:

1. The Direct Messaging tool will now be in the first launch. This is quite a significant change, as it obviously ties in well with the other social features we planned to launch in late January. To begin with, the DMs will be between 2 members only, not group chats just yet, but they’ll come later. …

Many of you have been waiting for some dates and figures for the Carbon Top 300 rewards system. As outlined in our whitepaper, the top 300 ranked users will share in a very healthy rewards pool. Since the Carbon app won’t be live until late January, the Top 300 will be based solely on CRBN holdings for the time being.

We have put together “tiers” of reward payouts based on ranked position. This stops whales from claiming huge portions of the rewards due to holding a huge share of tokens. The tiered payout amounts increase as you climb higher up the leaderboard, so see how high you can go!

Hi everyone! You’re probably aware that the Carbon token sale has just completed. Over all, a very successful sale run on the DistX platform. We smashed through soft cap and finished on around 1,523 ETH raised which is enough for a healthy project to go ahead. We would like to thank everyone for participating and look forward to convincing you it was a great decision to come along for the ride.

So far everything has gone very well, exactly as we hoped. The only exception, as some of you are aware, was the overly generous “lottery” for a 25% portion of the unsold tokens. This is shared among 50 winners, but works out to quite a significant share of free CRBN for each winner. In hindsight this share was larger than it should have been, and that’s on us. We take full responsibility for the numbers and admit they were too high. We are fully confident in the medium to long term health and value of the CRBN token, regardless of any initial profit taking that may occur. I have personally spoken with 6 lottery winners and all plan to hold long term, not “dump” so we are happy with the situation despite that little bump in the road. …

You may have read our previous article, mentioning that unsold tokens would be distributed to token sale participants. We’ve had a lot of feedback from the community and some very valid points were raised. The main issue is “what if there are a lot of unsold tokens, won’t giving that many away harm the token value?”.

The answer to that is “yes”. It’s a potential problem. Whilst we have now reached softcap and are confident in getting close to hardcap, this issue needs to be resolved sooner rather than later.

From our discussions with the community including token sale participants, most people tend to favour burning of unsold tokens rather than giving them away. Burning reduces supply and circulation which helps all token holders. Giving too many away creates some liabilities around when the recipient decides to sell (dump) their free tokens. …



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